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    There are some reasons for the anti-aging performance of the coal bunker lining board

    Polyethylene bunker lining board aging resistance: stable function, good aging resistance, ground and underground can be buried, 50 years without aging. According to the determination of ASTM (/cm2 to 4.6 kg load), the temperature is 85 DEG C hot deformation, using temperature can reach 90 DEG C, under special circumstances, promised to use at higher temperatures. UHMW-PE is an excellent material with excellent tolerance to cold. It has a certain ductility at low temperatures of -269 C, without any signs of embrittlement. But the coefficient of linear expansion is large, the thermal conductivity is very poor, so when planning the finished products, we should give full attention to.

    A usually bunker liner, because the flow of the material in the warehouse, and the warehouse wall plate is easy to damage the wall friction plate, with rough appearance is easy to form coal blockage. Therefore, the inner wall of the coal bunker is planned to be designed with 1 layers of surface abrasion resistant coal bunker lining, which is more than 5~6 times as high as that of the general steel plate, so as to prolong the service life of the coal bunker and decrease the repair rate. About 1 sets of 600MW units, the main building in the bunker capacity of about 3618m3, the surface area of about 1122m2 with demand, and as of 2 * 300MW units, the capacity of coal bunker of main building is about 3228m3, with surface area of about 1608m2, a large amount of engineering.

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