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    How to identify pure material polyethylene sheet?

    How can the pure material polyethylene sheet be distinguished?

    I plant the main high polymer polyethylene sheet, English name ultra-high, molecular, weight, polyethylene (referred to as UHMWPE), is more than 1 million of molecular weight polyethylene. The following for you to distinguish between true and false high polymer polyethylene, should pay attention to matters as follows:

    1, color distinction, authentic color uniform, not muddy phenomenon

    2, stroking, stroking the surface with your hands, smooth surface without roughness

    3, shock resistance points, simple operation is to use hammer hammer, and will not break.

    High molecular weight polyethylene manufacturer main liner used in coal, metallurgy, coal, coking, coal cleaning, cement, fertilizer and other industries of coal bunker and hopper, hopper liner, chute liner, transmission belt, feeding hopper liner hopper liner etc..

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