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    UHMW-PE sheet becomes a new discovery of engineering plastics

    Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE sheet is superior in quality because it has:

    1. ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE board, high self-lubricating, non absorbent

    Damage due to water absorption to form molecular chain, elimination of bonding, blanking naturally smooth.

    2. ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE sheet, the use of low cost

    An investment, lifelong maintenance worries.

    3. ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE plate, high wear resistance, shock resistance

    Add a variety of amendments, on the basis of maintaining the original characteristics, improve the characteristics of the more use.

    4. ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW-PE sheet, long service life

    More than 2 times longer than the original polymer material.

    Main performance parameters of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene liner

    The use of UHMW-PE: can replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials for textile, paper making, food machinery, transportation, medical, coal, chemical and other departments. Such as the textile industry technology, picking stick, spindle gear, connecting rod, and a buffer block, eccentric block, rod sleeve, swing consequences of impact wear parts. Papermaking industry do box cover plate, a water scraping plate, compression component, connector, mechanical transmission shaft seal, partial guide wheel, scraper, filters and other transportation industry; do powder material hopper, hopper, chute liner. UHMW-PE can do all kinds of mechanical parts, including gear of food machinery, worm gear, worm and bearing. Chemical pump, valve, baffle, filter plate. Medical treatment can also be used for heart valves, short shaped surgical parts, artificial joints and birth control implants. The sport of skating, flooring, rolling fairways, skis, and snowmobile parts. UHMW- PE can be made of high modulus fibers, made of bullet proof clothing, aircraft seats, marine, fishing ropes, etc..

    Why use ultra high molecular weight polyethylene: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene production of raw materials, is the best in existing polymers. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene to help manufacturers save the equipment maintenance and downtime caused by the improvement of equipment operation, reduce the amount of lubricating oil, and replace the corresponding parts of the steel, which saves the operation cost. The utility model has the advantages of safety, reliability, quick and convenient, no corrosion protection, labor saving and labor saving, and fully demonstrates the advantages of using the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene product in energy saving, environmental protection, economy and high efficiency. The application of this material will bring better economic and social benefits to the vast numbers of users.

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