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    The breakthrough of coal bunker lining board in the competition situation of chemical industry

    In the global economic crisis after the great changes have taken place in China's economy and even the global economic pattern, the chemical industry of the economy in macro and micro have also been shuffling, especially in the chemical industry with coal bunker liner, as the relationship between economic development and national heavy industry, product prices rise, strength the change thus involves the purchasing power of the market, the chemical industry suffered varying degrees, whether new or old brand brand are faced with the same topic that is: after the economic crisis in the industry, in the new economic policy stand out and win in the fierce competition.

    At present, China's coal bunker lining industry status is: in 2012 1-8 months, China's coal liner plate production amounted to 6 million 8 thousand tons, 2011 year-on-year decline of 301 thousand tons, a drop of 5%. In 2012 1-8 months, China's coal bunker lining plate cumulative imports of 3042292 tons, an increase of 2%.

    In the past, the development of the coal bunker liner is good in environment and good in market, so the sales of coal bunker plates are good. Now the economic globalization era, is not to abandon the market and consumers, must do better, how to drive corner overtaking, core product must ensure that supply must be reasonable, so that coal bunker liner can achieve a breakthrough in the new situation.

    Chemical industry is an important part of the national economy, the chemical industry of our country although the scale is huge, but there are also many disadvantages, "12th Five-Year" during the country is embarking on vigorously adjustment and transformation of the chemical industry, by 12th Five-Year it will help to break the traditional pattern, optimize the industrial structure, bring opportunities for development as a new chemical industry coal bunker liner.

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