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    The coal bunker lining board is a veritable good chemical material

    What is a coal bunker lining board? Our company is formed by coal bunker lining concrete pouring, but often cause bonding and bin blocking consequences, so the us a lot of research and experiments, and finally decided to adopt the polyethylene sheet for the coal bunker lining, using self lubrication and viscous polymer polyethylene sheet, in order to reduce the friction coefficient, solve bin blocking phenomenon. Specially solves in soft coal mining, coal powder, water of the lower accident problem.

    Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei province coal mine and many power plants use that effectively solves the problem of blocking positions, effective use of the coal rate was increased from 30%--60% to 100%, avoid blocking thewarehouse production disruptions and stabbed the warehouse accident bin, reduce the broken rate, saving cost greatly. The Qing bin shorten the loading time, reduce the pressure of skin, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, the social and economic benefits are very significant.

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