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    Polyethylene sheet, engineering plastics in the most widely used varieties

    Polyethylene sheet is the most widely used product in engineering plastics. So, what are the most important parts of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets?

    1, after the first use, until the silo material stored to the entire warehouse capacity of 2/3, and then unloading.

    2, in operation, always keep the material in the warehouse, the drop point of the warehouse material heap, and always keep the storehouse of material storage capacity in the entire storage capacity of more than 1/2.

    3, no direct impact material lining board.

    4, all kinds of material hardness, particles are different, shall not arbitrarily change materials and flow, if need to change, shall not be greater than the original design capacity of 12%, change material or flow at will affect the service life of lining.

    5, the use of ambient temperature, generally should not be greater than 80 degrees.

    6. No external force shall be used to destroy the structure and loosen the fasteners at will.

    7, the material in the warehouse stationary state time should not exceed 36 hours (more viscous material, please do not stay in the bin, in case of caking), water content of less than 4% of the material can be appropriately extended static time.

    8, when the temperature is low, please pay attention to the static time of the material in the storehouse, avoid to produce the frozen block

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